Why we think we are one step ahead

The Colarroid company’s catch phrase WE ARE ONE STEP AHEAD, is totally centered around the companies integrity.

Early last month we got a mail from Adeyeye Olorunfemi a friend of the company, about a client who want a redesign on their platform. We took it up from there and here is Banji Damilola’s (The Transverse’s representative) review about our presentation.

Many young people would remain poor and unemployed till they give up and start thinking ‘Nigeria is the problem’.

Before that happens, read this to the end!

In the bid to ensure that TheTransverse is more user friendly, I called out to my contacts for good web designers. The recommendations gushed in like a burst water tube. “Abassi is good. Jemila can fix what you need. Sule is the guy you’re looking for” Good recommendations from people who genuinely want the best for their friends. I had over 20 recommendations and I needed just one.


You remember how employers keep telling you they get thousands of CVs on weekly bases as against their very marginal capacity? Exactly! But a number of young people have learnt to package an impressive CV. Also, with the help of professional CV writers like Jobberman, the best crafted CV would most likely pass the system sorting stage.


Over 20 recommendations and I wanted to talk to everyone of them. I did contacted everyone except for maybe three. I sent text to those not on whatsapp. Maybe I will get a response tomorrow. Mail to those I got their email address. Nigerians attitude towards email never cease to amaze me. I’m sure I would get response but maybe 6 months later. I sent whatsapp to majority and I got too many irritating response.

‘Good Morning, Ajantala recommended you as a good web designer’. ‘K’ the most demented response I got and your guess is right, I didn’t bother to further the conversation. “Eeeyah, that’s very nice of Ajantala”. I waited maybe something else would follow but…. and since I don’t know how to respond to Ajantala’s niceness. The conversation died a natural death.

I got a number of responses that killed the conversation before it got the chance to survive. Then I moved to stage two with those who had something to say.


Remember that call you got from a potential employer? Your CV scaled the system sorting, you passed aptitude test, you’re now at the interview stage. “Why did you leave your old firm” one of the interviewers asked you. “My boss was a wicked person, he would keep me till 8pm even when my employment letter says 5pm. It was not a good place at all” those were your tales of woe about your previous employment and you think you will get the new job? You must be joking!. Another asked you; “how can you improve on our public relations strategy” and like a quack doctor you begin to prescribe malaria drugs for skin rash. They make you feel very comfortable. So, you said and said and said till you finally lost the question, the interviewers, yourself and the job.


I had already streamlined to 10 people at this stage.

“Please, could you check www.thetransverse.com and tell us how we can improve on it and make it google compliant?”

Some of them never bothered to respond. Another person said ‘k’ but she seem like a good web designer and I really wanted to give her a chance. Politely, I said; ” Sorry, I’d just like to mention, it is very inappropriate to respond with ‘k’ ‘kk’ or any other variants. ‘Ok’ is really just okay.” She took it well and got to the final stage. Five people actually got to the final stage. “If you will be working on The Transverse, could you send what we would need to do and how much it would cost to dharmmie.banj@gmail.com” I sent to the final five.

She has not responded but COLARROID CREATIONS and one other person responded, promptly. I should say that from the first buzz, the COLARROID CREATIONS guy never fell short of impressing me. He knows what he does and how to sell it, he was responsive, responsible and he didn’t bash the person who designed the site. In fact, he was the only person who pointed out the good job done by the first designer. He went ahead to itemize things to do to improve on the platform and he was simply mind blowing! He didn’t get the job but if the decision was solely mine, I would have given him the job and paid what he offered.

Adeyeye Olorunfemi, you are right! Your guy is the guy I’ve been looking for.

If you ever needed to design a website or maintain one; COLARROID CREATIONS is the guy you want to hire!


Sometimes, you have the skill but if you don’t have the attitude that tells the world you’ve got the skills, you probably would still end up like the guy with a badly written CV and a certificate he cannot defend.”

Here is a link to the original article written by Banji Damilola

Thank you Banji Damilola!

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